Activia Testimonials with Jamie Lee Curtis - The Best In The Brand's History


Airing now is a continuation of the successful and ongoing collaboration between Peter Kagan and Y&R, this time for Dannon's Activia, with spots featuring their inimitable spokesperson, Jamie Lee Curtis.

The two testimonial-based commercials are the HIGHEST TESTING SPOTS EVER in the history of Activia.

In "Dress Shop" and "Girl's Night", Jamie Lee warmly interacts with two groups of women, all real people cast from Chicago.  Casually discussed are their longtime friendships, diets, and how Activia plays a role in each of their lives.  

Unique about this production was Jamie Lee's role as mediator in the conversations.  Already adept at her role as spokesperson, these spots allowed her to play an even more integral role in each shoot day's creative process.

According to Peter, "Jamie suffers no foolishness that's for sure...  She's super sharp, knows what works for her, and extraordinarily comfortable in her role as spokesperson for Activia.  Her sense of humor about her relationship to the product and the idea of "intestinal transit" contribute to her overall ease, and allow her to be uniquely involved in the structure of the campaign and its tone."

"Her incredible generosity toward the women in these testimonials can be seen clearly on film, and speaks to her self-assured, firmly grounded sense of herself. Yogurt is powerful stuff particularly when represented by someone like Jame Lee."