Dannon Oikos with John Stamos


Peter Kagan worked with Hollywood leading man John Stamos on a project for Oikos, Dannon's new Greek style yogurt.  The collaboration with Young & Rubicam involved staging an elegant party scene in a stunning contemporary residence  in Venice CA.  Art direction, hair/makeup, and wardrobe all kept pace with the star power of John's celebrity endorsement, combining to make a decidedly upscale spot for the critical U.S. TV launch of this brand.

To view the spot click here.

The job allowed Peter to bring to the table skills from his roots in glamour and cosmetic photography.  This was Streamline Content's second job for Dannon after having previously completed a 5-day project in Vancouver.  

Later that evening Dannon got an unexpected added plug when John Stamos brought up the shoot on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, mentioning the Oikos brand and directing some good natured ribbing at his stand-in.