Repeating the winning formula from Streamline's 2010 project with the client, the kickoff to the 2011 Connecticare campaign began with Peter once again conducting and shooting interview casting for it.  

This was the 5th annual job shot by Streamline Content for this client. In the previous campaign led by Streamline, Connecticare experienced a 400% greater marketing response than expected.

Decker Advertising has always invited Peter to travel to CT and conduct focus group interviews of actual customers of the health insurer.  This involvement early in the process has been key to assembling the sincere and believable group of real people whose stories support the brand.  The scripts are then derived from these interviews.  Having established a rapport, Peter's familiar face on the actual shoot day helps put the real people interviewees at ease,  Directed toward those needing coverage supplemental to their Medicare plans, the campaigns feature the heartfelt testimonies of seniors whose expectations for service and attention are surpassed by their representatives at Connecticare.

The shoot day occurred upstate Connecticut and required Peter to shoot from the back deck of the member's convertible Corvette.  Streamline Content looks forward to more successful collaborations with Decker and Connecticare in the future.