Dannon Activia "Decorations" Spots with Jamie Lee Curtis


On the heels of a very successful Dannon shoot for the Oikos brand with John Stamos, Y&R and Dannon once again chose to work with Peter Kagan, this time to shoot the uber-talented Jamie Lee Curtis for Activia.  Beauty lighting and comfortable dialogue added up to an exceptional presentation on screen.  

Kagan has had a busy summer even in the midst of national economic turmoil.  Referencing the recent Dannon work, Peter joked, "Our low-fat production model is definitely working for our low-fat clients."

The "Decorations" project was shot on location and airs in two parts.  In Part 1, Jamie encounters our ingenue and suggests that she keep a video diary of her progress while enjoying Activia.  

In Part 2, the consumer is seen shooting entries in her video diary, which Jamie views at home on her iPad.  

Part 1 begun airing in early 2012 immediately after the Holiday Season.  Part 2 is already airing as the follow up to Part 1.