Launch of New Website


We're proud to announce the launch of our new website, the culmination of a joint effort by our new favorite design team and the "old" friends that handle our online reels.

The team at RED-NYC led by co-founders Sam Eckersley and Stuart Rogers, created a fresh look to our site.  After an initial exploration into several styles, we settled on a clean, modern, uncluttered look that also prominently features Peter's current work on the landing page.  The site also allows access to historical work that further demonstrates Peter's abilities and creativity.

Another goal was the ability to make quick updates without coding, which was achieved by the back end developers at Volta, the parent company of our online reel server Simian.  We've been working with them via Simian for the past year or so, during which time we really begun to appreciate the versatility of the Simian platform for online reels.  At Volta, the same development team took RED-NYC's graphics and integrated them with our videos and other content.  Their CMS (Content Management System) allows us to fluently update the website, making changes quickly and easily.

We're digging their work and hope you are too.  Thanks for stopping by.